I know, I know. I said I would be more diligent about posting but it is most certain that I lied. I could say that I have really had no time, and it would be true, but who cares about the liars who break promises and then tell the truth? It’s all become suspect, hasn’t it?

Speaking of suspect, in the interim since my last post I read this highly controversial book, Mind-Reach: Scientists Look at Psychic Abilities. The authors of this book, Russell Targ and Harold E. Puthoff, are two physicists who took time off from their day jobs in the 1970s to do some scientific observation of psychic abilities. Specifically, they researched remote viewing. I strongly recommend you read the Wikipedia link above, as it will show you how incredibly contentious this topic is even thirty-odd years later. The idea of scientists researching the paranormal chaps just about everybody’s ass. If you’re old enough to remember, at the time Targ/Puthoff were doing their research, Uri Geller (now a famous anorexic) was making all the talk show circuits, bending spoons like mad. Part of what erodes the credibility of their research is that they spent a good deal of time working with someone who later became known as a fake.

Like most things, the truth lies in the middle. If you actually read their book (Oh,who does that? Nerds, that’s who.), you’ll see that they readily confirm that Geller was difficult to work with, because he kept trying to take control of the experiments. He was 25 years old, Israeli, and in their words “hyperactive.” They themselves didn’t feel that the experiments with him were controlled or reliable. Yet, even with their admitting this, the fact that they even worked with him taints everything else they did.

Back to remote viewing. The incredible part of their experiments that gets lost in the mishegas is that, after working with both known psychics and lay people, Targ/Puthoff found that anyone they worked with has this ability. And, rather than take them at their word, they encourage they reader to conduct their own experiments with a jaded eye. So, those folks who spent much time and energy trying to prove that the experiments were faked could have just spent some time trying their own experiments. It’s much more fun, and way nerdier.

So, K and I are going to run our own experiment. He’s going to go off somewhere, and I’m going to try to describe where he is and what he sees from our home. Or vice versa. Then we’ll compare notes. Stay tuned for the results.

Sorry, my two loyal fans, for my long absence. As of May 1, I am now employed as a contractor at the EPA. I now have access to secret information — not! Quite frankly, pretty much anything I know (or will know) is on the website, minus the internal politics and usual moaning and whining of all office workers everywhere. I have to say, though, that most folks here seem very dedicated to environment and are quite frustrated with the Bush regime’s thwarting their efforts. I was somewhat annoyed watching this video of Barbara Boxer condemning the EPA. You know, when you talk against the war, you have to be very careful to say you support the troops while condemning the war. But evidently, the same courtesy isn’t given to other cogs in the government wheel trying to do their best despite no funding, obfuscation, and general obstruction by the fucking Empire. It’s fucked up, I tell ya.

So, I’ll probably have less bird nerges being I’m not at home to watch our avian friends. Sigh.