We’ve gone plum crazy with our yard, and our desire to create an environment that is a cross a between Wild Kingdom and the garden of Eden — in a 10′ x 20′ space. The latest part of this is our pond. Construction of the pond required the removal of a 500-pound chunk of concrete, and that’s a whole story unto itself (which includes our friend A carrying a 300-pound section on his back up a flight of stairs, by HIMSELF). After that circus act, I got to use A’s digging jackhammer, a tool I had not heretofore heard of. At that point, K got out the old-fashioned shovel, dug up the loose soil, and dumped by the bagfuls down the hill at the edge of our property.

Then we filled it up with water and stuck in a plant and felt quite satisfied with ourselves. But the fun had just begun. We then contacted the Alameda County Mosquito Abatement Project and placed an order for some mosquitofish. These are *very* nice people. The representative I spoke with, Dereje, conversed with me at length about our pond, assuring me the fish would be happy. (We also discussed the digging jackhammer, which is agreed was a cool tool, and about the Tool Lending Library.) In any case, he instructed me to leave a bucket of treated pond water outside the front door, and he would leave the fish and some water plants for me.

Lo and behold, I came home the next day, and — like magic — my bucket was filled with not one, not two, but around TWENTY fish and about eight plants. This was just like the tooth fairy, but BETTER.

The fish now live happily in our pond, which K and I spend untold hours staring at. We plan to finish it in the next few weeks.
our pond, stage 1our pond, stage 1

As tasty as it looks.Tomato!