I was on the elevator yesterday when a woman got on and proceeded to stare at my shirt. She said, “I’m really jealous of your shirt.” “Oh, really?” I cleverly responded. “Yes, I couldn’t find anything to go with my skirt this morning, and I ended up picking this shirt, which is wrinkled anyway and I didn’t iron it.” The elevator stopped at her floor and she said, “So… take it off, I need it!” as she walked away.

The funny part was, my shirt didn’t really match her skirt at all.

I’ve recently purchased clipless pedals/shoes for biking and went out for my second ride with them last Sunday. I was feeling pretty confident about my dismounting abilities when, with only a couple miles left in our ride, I stopped short and forgot to unclick my foot. I spent a while regarding the pavement rushing towards my face, and then cleverly landed on my knee. What I didn’t know was the whole time this was happening, K was yelling,”whoa! Whoa! WHOA!” It’d be nice if yelling could stop gravity.

I fell right in front of a young woman in a wheelchair being pushed by what appeared to be her boyfriend. After making sure I was okay, she said, “That must have been scary.” And I mumbled something like, “Yeah, thems the breaks.” (Okay, I probably didn’t say “thems”). Then she said, “It seem like you could use this (her wheelchair), why don’t I just get up and let you have a seat?”