It seems to me that every time I mention to others that I’d like to be an astronaut and/or go on the space station, there’s a bit of snickering. Evidently, that’s a fine idea if your 8 years old, or an aeronautics major at a college, but it’s a silly thought for a middle-aged web designer.

Well, that may be, but you’d think it’d be an even more far-fetched for a clown. Yet, looky here: a fucking clown is on his way to the ISS. OH, THE INDIGNITY OF IT ALL!

It appears ISS is going over my house at 6:04 pm (and supposedly it can be seen in the daylight at dawn and dusk), perhaps I’ll go look at it tonight squint angrily at it. And its goddamn clown.

planckfirstlightsample.jpgI just got the news that the European Space Agency has their first new map of feeble microwave emissions. They’ve got a doo-dad, the technical term for the Planck spacecraft, which is doing and entire-sky survey of the Cosmic Microwave Background, the most comprehensive survey to date.

We’ve (that means I) changed the hyperlinks to blue so that you can see them more easliy, so long as you’re not color blind or have a monochrome monitor. In which case, it’ll look the same as always.

You’re welcome.

In case you missed it:


My job has been particularly boring of late, and I’ve noticed that when I take a break I often feel angry. I was in Whole Foods buying some tea this morning on my break and I felt furious, but when I looked around, there was nothing to be angry about (other than I hate Whole Foods*, but that’s another story). So, along with my usual free-floating existential angst, I’ve been thinking that I’ve developed free-floating anger.

However, since I don’t feel nearly as angry on the weekends, it appears the anger is work related. This is not the first time I’ve felt angry about work and I’m sure it wont be the last. The difference this time is that there is no real target for my anger. At a previous position, I often felt irrational anger at my boss. He wasn’t doing a damn thing to make me angry, and I knew it was irrational and even nonsensical, but I still felt angry at him on a regular basis.

I found this post about boredom and anger which says that some psychiatrists believe boredom can be suppressed anger. Perhaps the inverse is true: that the anger I feel is really suppressed boredom.

Or maybe I just resent feeling bored all day.

* for an excellent rant on Whole Foods, read this.

This morning I rode on the elevator with an EPA employee who appeared around 80 years old. He walked with a cane and had large hearing aid in each ear. We chatted a bit about how empty the agency is on Fridays, and then he happily went to work.

This scenario is not unusual at the EPA. There are many octogenarians busily working away, and they all seem very cheerful about doing so. The EPA has a program, Senior Environmental Employment, that encourages and assists older folks get jobs at the agency. To me, this is one of the many kick-ass things that the EPA does. I have worked dozens of places in my life, and I have never seen so many older workers at any of them. In fact, many places I have worked barely seemed to have anyone over 40.

On top of that, the caliber of people working here is beyond anything I have ever seen in any other workplace. These people have worked all over the world helping people and the environment. They are sincere, dedicated, and work their asses off to help others. In addition, they’ve done such things as paddled around all the Hawai’an Island solo, sailed all over the world, been a reporter in Afghanistan, a stand-up comedian, worked in the Peace Corps — you name it. Collectively, I think they’ve done everything a person can do. I wonder if it’s like this anywhere else.

As much as I have come to admire the EPA, as a contractor, I’m just a fly on the wall. But maybe when I’m 75 or so, I’ll come back and get a job here.

Take a trip in my time machine and see the greatness of the Violent Femmes in their prime. A group that became famous not despite, but because of Gordon Gano’s crazy assed voice, as well as the crazed bass playing of Brian Ritchie. Okay, the Victor DeLorenzo’s drumming while standing is something to see, too. I saw them around the time of this video at Zellerbach in Berkeley, and it was the first concert that I saw stage diving and surfing. It fucking ruled.

I was feeling kind of blah until I watched this video. It hella improved my day.

So now the bad news: Being that I don’t watch TV, I was completely unaware that Gordon Gano sold the rights to the song to, of all things, Wendy’s, and it was in a TV Commerical. Um… the fuck? To which Brian Ritchie commented:

Although nearly all of the band’s songs, including “Blister in the Sun”, credit Gano as the sole songwriter, Ritchie responded to the use of the song in the commercial by saying:

“For the fans who rightfully are complaining about the Wendy’s burger advertisement featuring Blister in the Sun, Gordon Gano is the publisher of the song and Warners is the record company. When they agree to use it there’s nothing the rest of the band can do about it, because we don’t own the song or the recording. That’s showbiz. Therefore when you see dubious or in this case disgusting uses of our music you can thank the greed, insensitivity and poor taste of Gordon Gano, it is his karma that he lost his songwriting ability many years ago, probably due to his own lack of self-respect as his willingness to prostitute our songs demonstrates. Neither Gordon (vegetarian) nor me (gourmet) eat garbage like Wendy’s burgers. I can’t endorse them because I disagree with corporate food on culinary, political, health, economic and environmental grounds. However, I see my life’s work trivialized at the hands of my business partner over and over again, although I have raised my objections numerous times. As disgusted as you are I am more so.”

from Wikipedia

While I think that’s a damn shame, it doesn’t ruin the song for me.

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giddyup, horsie!

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