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Here’s the hebrew transliteration:


My latest adventure inside my brain was both frustrating and productive.

I was dreaming that I was at a conference when I became lucid. I thought, okay, time to float up, but it actually took a few times before I could float. This seemed ridiculous as I knew I was dreaming and capable of doing this. When I eventually succeeded, I floated over to the window and stood on the ledge. Even though I knew nothing was real, I still felt fearful jumping out the window. When I did, I had a hell of a time trying to fly up to the sky. First there was the inevitable power lines, but once I got through them, these nonsensical iron bars kept reappearing in front of me as I tried to ascend. I kept pushing them aside, and they kept reappearing. Finally, I got tired of fighting them, and just went back to the conference, where I just kept floating around the room. I thought, I should think of something else fun to do when I’m lucid for when flying doesn’t work out. Maybe I could study some Ruby somehow (yes, a fun thing to do for a nerd).

After I woke up, I thought that maybe fighting back the iron bars was the wrong approach. Maybe I could somehow ask them nicely to let me through? I don’t know why my brain is fighting my having fun while asleep. Seems weird.

The good thing is that I was lucid for longer than previous experiences, perhaps several minutes, where it had only been a few seconds or a minute before. So some progress was made.