I don’t know how or when it happened that playing ’80s music became the default mode for all retail environments. I certainly enjoyed some of those songs once upon a time, but after the thousandth listen it’s more than tedious. Girls just want to have fun? No, girls want to hear new fucking music!

Recently I was in a store and they were playing an ’80s song that I hadn’t heard — well, since the ’80s. I couldn’t even remember the lyrics when I first heard it, I just remembered that I liked the vague anti-capitalist lyrics of the song. Then the chorus came and I thought, oh year, I remember this. It was strange to hear something I hadn’t heard in so long, when so many things from the past are so available.

Like many stubborn curmudgeons, I have a collection of mix tapes. Many of these were taped off the radio and have that choppy quality that NOTHING today has thanks to the digital world. There are songs on these tapes that, although they got a lot of airplay at the time, have disappeared. No one remembers them. It seems that my crappy old cassettes are the only proof these songs and bands ever existed.

Of course, that isn’t entirely true. Now you can find anything. Hell, I found this video for an incredibly sad song that no one remembers. The video makes it even sadder.

Yeah, but that’s too sad to end this post with. So here’s the song I heard in the store: