There’s nothing like starting your day with a meteor siting. This earlier this week was the zenith of the Orionids meteor shower, but you can see them (although less meteors per hour) all week.

Up until K and I moved to our place in the hills last year, and thus eliminated a massive amount of light pollution, I hadn’t paid that much attention to meteors. I was amazed to learn that they occur on the same day every year, which means even a fool like me can keep track of them.

The great/crappy thing about this time of year — the time right before we change the clocks — is that the sun doesn’t come up until some crazy time like 7:45. This means that when K and I are eating breakfast, it’s still night. It sucks because it’s frickin’ hard to get up in the dark. But it’s cool because we can eat breakfast under the stars. Well, I guess lots of folks in this country can’t do that because it’s too cold, but October is usually the hottest month in the Bay Area. So, this morning, K looked up and saw a meteor during breakfast. How cool is that? I had to do a little work see mine yesterday — like stand around for five minutes getting an awful crick in my neck. But it was worth it.

By the way, the guy who made the meteor shower site got to work with NASA. I guess they don’t hate him.


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