I was heart-broken today when I realize that, contrary to previous information I had read on the NASA site, I cannot become an astronaut at this time.

Like any red-blooded american, I think it would be a swell time to hang out on the Space Shuttle doing whatnot in zero gravity. (Well, actually, I have no idea what red-blooded americans think about. Really). So, I had spent some time on the NASA site researching the possibility of my actually doing this. I was led to their Astronaut Candidate FAQ page which says, right at the top,

“Among the academic fields considered qualifying for Astronaut Candidate positions, we would not recommend one over another or specify which might be more appropriate in the future. You should choose a field of study that is of interest to you; this will ensure that, whatever course your career takes, you will be prepared to do something that is personally satisfying.”

This, it turns out, is a very misleading bit of information, which I held onto for weeks until I finally got the nerve today to actually start filling out the Astronaut Candidate applications. This is when I found the following under the Basic Qualification Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in engineering, biological science, physical science, or mathematics.

WTF? That’s a pretty small group of degrees to find personally satisfying. Still, I was not immediately disuaded. I looked up getting a degree in Mathematics, but then figured that even if I could get some credits transfered and start as a junior, and work in the field for three years (NASA’s minimum), it would be five years until I could apply at the minimum, probably more like ten, since it’s doubtful I could go to school full time and pay my bills simultaneously.

Stupid NASA. Why did they mislead me? Why?


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