imgp0207.JPGYesterday it became clear that Tzipi is probably a male (and we will probably change his name). His latest behavior is, if we’re are home, T (how I will refer to him in this posting) will spend and inordinate amount of time staring at us. He seemed to spend a majority of yesterday hopping from place to place staring at me, whether I was in the yard or in the condo. He now uses the trapeze, the wall, or a chair as his perch for this — previously he would only sit on the fence.

imgp0212.JPGMy attempt to play with him a bit in terms of hiding nuts on my person or otherwise making him work for them fell flat. I tried having my hand closed and this just exasperated him. He kept hopping from place to place trying to figure out at what angle he could just dive down and get the nuts. K has claimed several times that T has sat in his hand or his arm but even if I use the same techniques as he (he claims it’s about the arm position), T will not land on me except very occasionally and very briefly. He also, on occasion, seems to purposely toss a nut out of my hand and onto the ground rather than grabbing it. I don’t know why he would do that since it’s more work for him.

imgp0214.JPGHe doesn’t seem to be getting the “count to four” concept yet.

So you’re wondering… why do I think he’s a male?

imgp0209.JPGYesterday as he was sitting on the fence another Jay appeared, much duller in color. That was the first clue, as female birds are almost always duller in color so they’re less noticeable when they sit on their nests. So T is bright, most probably T= male. I tried to go outside to get close to Ms. Jay, but she just flew off. About ten minutes later I heard some very loud screeching in the yard. Let it be known the T almost never screeches in the yard; he’s always very quiet, as if he’s in stealth mode. It seems reasonable that he would be quiet so as not to draw attention to His Yard. Evidently, though some other male Jay saw Ms. Jay come down and decided to have a look. Oh, well, that did NOT go over well with T. There’s was a full-on fight, during which T tore out one of the other Jay’s tailfeathers (it’s still in the yard). Other Jay took to picking up dirt clods with his beak and flinging them at T. Yes, actual mud-slinging occurred. After Other Jay flew off, I went to give T a nut as if to say, silly bird, I wouldn’t feed another Jay. But he was too agitated to take it, and appeared concerned that Other Jay might be watching and get ideas about taking nuts from me. Indeed, within 30 seconds T and I noticed Other Jay perched on the roof next door, watching us intently. T flew off.

He came back about an hour later, and commenced his staring marathon anew. We’ll see if Other Jay or Ms. Jay appear again. It’s obvious that T feels that this human-giving-nuts situation is worth fighting beak and nail for.

topol2.jpgFinally, K cleverly suggested naming T “Topol” after another famous Israeli I am fond of (who I just read was unbelievably still playing Tevye up until last year. Frankly, for me, there is NO OTHER TEVYE. I’m speaking to you, Mr. Fierstein).. I tried using this name this morning but kept forgetting. I’ll try again later.


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