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geo metro convertibleIt’s been about four years since I bought my 1992 Geo Metro Convertible. The top, which we bought new right after we bought the car, has started to fade. There’s a dent in the side. We don’t polish it as much as we used to. And still, the other day, two people commented on this car within an hour. People just love them some Geo. Let’s face it: even when it’s a little banged up looking, it still has a level of cuteness that puts other supposedly cute cars to shame.

PENTAX ImageIn addition, it’s an incredibly reliable car. I’ve own Geos for 15 years now, and I have never had any major problems nor had the car suddenly fail on me. It starts up and goes, end of story. And it gets great gas mileage.

geo metro convertibleWhen I bought this awesome piece of machinery four years ago, I thought it’d last a few years and by then there’d be electric cars. I was right about the electric cars, but they are just too damn expensive for me. So I will continue to enjoy my Geo for years to come.

I’m not alone in my affection for this car. Read this post “The Geo Metro is The GREATEST CAR EVER BUILT“.

You know you’re jealous.

…that someone loves their geo convertible more than me?

If so, this would be he. This person wrote a review of his car for four years straight:

…and has a photo album of all the great places he drove it:

That’s amore!

It doesn’t get more styley than this!

1992 geo metro convertible

1992 geo metro convertibleK & I spent a few hours today shining up our amazing! fantastic! Geo convertible. Here’s a photo of the results.

Your French lessons for today (didn’t see that coming, did you?):

J’ai fait brillĂ© la decapotable.
I shined the convertible.

‘Nough said.

I was searching online for articles about how to safely drive a convertible. It seems that most “safety tips” are along the lines of “wear sunscreen” and “birds poop in open convertibles.” I guess there’s no real difference in driving them. But I did run across this blog posting about how driving a convertible makes you an asshole* which I found rather amusing. Of course, driving a Geo convertible does NOT have this affect, since they are too cute to cause such personality disorders.

BTW, you may have noticed that I have made a new nerge category just for the Geo called nergeo metro.

*Be sure to read the comments on this post.

Since I’m with K for the rest of my existence, I no longer have foolish love affairs. And being pet-free, I no longer adopt irresistibly cute animals who prove to have behavior problems or psychological disorders. Apparently, though, it’s a basic human need to behave in a fool-hardy manner from time to time. And so, K and I bought a very cute car, site unseen, with no idea yet how much this car is really going to cost us.

But hey, it gets 45 mpg. It’s a Geo! CONVERTIBLE!

K and I have decided that convertibles are much better than motorcycles. Compare my new Geo Metro with my old 1983 Kawasaki GPZ550:

You don’t have to wear a helmet — so you can look up and see the sky
You can sit side by side with cute people you know while they look cool
You can play the radio
It’s got a nice heater
It’s got an airbag

We have named it the Red Hot Chili Pepper and Ziggy Stardust. Two names because it so rules!

I’ve written before about how great my car is, but I have a need to gloat some more. Recently, the EPA released a new site,, where you can compare the fuel economy of different cars. The thumbnail here links to a screenshot of the comparison of my 1993 Geo against 2009 Hybrids. Lo and behold, fueleconomy.jpg, a car I bought ten years ago for $3,000 has virtually the same mileage, carbon footprint (a term I despise, but anyway), and whatnot as a $26,000 car. Plus, any fool can see how much cuter my car is. I rest my case.

Gloat, gloat, gloat!

The title of this post is based on a Le Tigre song, which these adorable children have made a video for. My favorite line in this song is “I hate Guiliani/ he’s such a fucking jerk:”:

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