I’ve continued with my sleep experiments as found in Exploring the World Lucid Dreaming. I’ve come to realize that if I had no hobbies, I might possibly try all the experiments suggested. However, since I have 50,000 hobbies (count ’em!), I’m going to have to skip ahead in the book.

I did follow through with the exercise of trying to remember a preset list of ordinary tasks or cue while going through the day. This was fairly difficult, and often I would realize the cue — phone ringing, seeing my face in the mirror — had already happened an hour ago. I was going to do this exercise for a second week but realized that that would bore me stiff.

I mentioned in my previous post that I had written on a card “Am I Dreaming?” and now carry it in my wallet to practice reality testing when I’m awake. I recently had a dream where I felt I was dreaming, so I took the card out of my wallet. I’ll be damned if it wasn’t 100% accurate. As usual, my brain was trying to outsmart me. I just looked at the card and thought “Well, that didn’t work.” So I went off to find something else to read to see if it mutated. It did, and so I confirmed I was dreaming DESPITE my mischievous brain.

Then I had another dream with the cue or “dreamsign” that I was walking around in public topless, hoping no one would notice. Although I hadn’t consciously identified this as one of my dreamsigns, I still managed to do so in the dream. I thought, “Wait, I must be dreaming, I never just forget to put my shirt on. So… I could probably make a shirt just appear.” Sure enough, one did show up in my hand, and I put it on. Oddly enough, it was a shirt I used to own but go rid of many years ago. After I put the shirt on I thought, “That dreaming book keeps harping on how fun it is to fly on me. It seems dumb, but maybe I should try it.” So I floated up a few feet. And it was REALLY FUN. So I spent several minutes floating around, about ten or fifteen feet up in the air, before the dream ended.

I have more questions now I hope this book will answer. Such as, why is flying so fun in dreams? Why are dreams so hard to remember? And why is my brain always trying to trick me?


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  1. Am I Dreaming, Part III : the nerge on December 31st, 2011 10:11 am

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  2. Lucid Dreaming on May 21st, 2015 2:27 am

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