skeleton at deskToday, for the first time ever, I worked at my desk standing up. Although I prefer the idea of a job where I get paid for sitting on my ass all day, the truth of the matter is that I’m much too fidgety to do it for very long. I need frequent breaks (read: excuses) to get up and move around, make some tea, chit-chat, etc. So the reality of sitting all day hasn’t been working for me, but it took this article to make me do something about it.

I had to spend some time scouring the office for articles to prop up my monitor and keyboard. If I had some sort of disability or debilitating issue with sitting down, I’m sure the ergonomics folks at work would buy me an expensive state-of-the-art desk with hydraulics so I could raise it easily. But being that I am healthy *and* a contractor, I am left to my own imagination. Fortunately, there is an abundance of abandoned dictionaries and thesauri around my office that are quite sturdy and useful for this task. So I piled up some books, put the keyboard and monitor and such on them, and stood the fuck up.

The instantaneous and obvious difference was that rather than being in a dark cubicle, I could now see out the window. Yea, verily, if I leaned ever so slightly one way I could actually see the effin’ Bay Bridge. I felt 1000 feet tall. And that is a feeling that rules.

Other discoveries were not so grandiose. My brain seemed a bit slowed down merely because I was in another body position, but I figure it’ll adjust. I did feel more alert in general, but I seemed to be working at a slower speed. The compensation for that is, since my monitor is now more visible, I had less of an urge to hang out on Twit or send email.

The first negative realization I had was that I still find ways to slouch, slump, and hunch over even while standing, and still have to use my Alexander Technique quite a bit. I just seem to have a natural propensity to revert to the fetal position at all time. I would say that if you don’t have good posture and/or don’t have a discipline to help you with your posture, standing while working at a desk will probably be more painful than sitting down.

Lastly, my choosing to wear my only pair of shoes with substantial heels on the day I decided to start working standing up was a very dumb idea. My feet were killing me when I walked to the bus at the end of the day. Especially my left foot, for whatever reasons, felt like it had been pounded with a boulder. However, after a 40-minute bus ride, my feet felt much better. So I guess they are pretty resilient, but I’d rather skip the pain.

That being said, I wrote this sitting down.


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  1. the nerger on February 2nd, 2011 2:40 pm

    Week 2: Overall, standing at work seems to be harder in the morning. This is weird, because when I’m home I can barely sit down in the mornings. Also,my feet seem to be hurting more this week yet I seem to have a total inability to complete abandon fashion. I’ve had to just take off my shoes for an hour or so each day. Lastly, I noticed I had a tendency to lock my knees in a super-straight position, so I am trying to be conscious of that.

  2. I’m not taking it sitting down anymore, Part II : the nerge on April 7th, 2011 7:58 am

    […] been a couple of months now that I am working standing up. It *still* rules and I don’t think I’ll return to sitting for a long time. The initial […]

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