lilacs-300.jpgI meant to write this a while back, when lilacs first appeared hear in the Bay Area. Where I grew up I remember them blooming at the end of April or beginning of May, but here you see them about a month earlier. They don’t grow well here — they like a cold winter — the there’s very few lilacs bushes around (I know the exact location of each of them within a five-mile radius of my house). Mostly you see them at the florists.

lilacs2-3001.jpgLilacs have my favorite smell in the whole world. They come and go so briefly, so I spend most of my life wishing I could smell them. When they appear, I always buy some at the florists so I can sniff them as often as possible.

This year I was buying a bunch and a woman at the store said, “Aren’t they wonderful?” which launched us into a lilac conversation. She determined quickly that I was from the East Coast. It seems that lilacmania, at least the California strain, manifests most strongly in coastal transplants. I am not only in my intense longing. At the end of our chat, she said,

“That smell — you never quite get over it.”

I miss them already.

(photos courtesy of danjill and penywise at stock.xchng, respectively)


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  1. the nerger on September 21st, 2009 8:14 am

    As I was rereading this post, I felt like I could smell lilacs. A nice hallucination.

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