PLUS: Freaky synchronicity.

Last night I wrote about the pervasiveness of the Beatles, and tonight, synchronicity has kicked me in the ass.

There’s a video on YouTube of K and I imitating Simon and Garfunkel. The video is quite obviously a joke rather than an actually tribue; I’m wearing a blonde jewfro wig that is so large it looks like a sheep laid down on my head and went to sleep. However, to our credit, it’s a well crafted joke; K and I practiced singing The 59th Street Bridge Song many times before we recorded it and performed it for our couple of friends on Halloween.

However, some (fill in pejorative noun here) wrote this comment on the video:

wrong vocals, Garfunkel.. you’re singing a high octave.. and even so, not right..

Thanks, bro, for letting me know I can’t really sing like Art Garfunkel. You’ve saved me from a life of delusion.

Wouldn’t you know it, this guy actually gets on stage to perform Beatles’ Covers and EVEN WORSE, WINGS’ COVERS and has really lousy footage to prove it. I guess he mistakenly thought we were serious? I’m not sure how, except he’s from Brazil — perhaps something got lost in the cultural translation.


2 Responses to “NEWS FLASH! I can’t actually sing like Art Garfunkel!”

  1. Spensor on February 18th, 2008 11:53 am

    Personally, I think it’s a win-win situation. Either:
    a) The guy is joking and taking it mock seriously, in which case you can start a flame war with a mock serious comment back about your interpretation (in a high octave) of Garfunkel’s comments on our society’s constant need to “feel groovy” or something along those lines.


    b) The guy’s a complete ass clown and we get to laugh our asses off at his seriously special (short bus) karaoke/strangled kitten video.

    Either way, by the time I finished looking at the video I was, in fact, feeling groovy.

  2. admin on February 18th, 2008 12:28 pm

    I’m beginning the think it’s the latter — the guy wrote *another* comment in a serious tone and I just don’t think he’s kidding! Poor thing. But anyone who takes Wings seriously has some sense of musicality I can’t fathom. Really, how much more ridiculous is my imitation of Garfunkel than Sir Paul singing Live and Let Die?

    Glad the video made ya feel all groovy. We still laugh our asses off when we watch it.

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