The Beatles: absolutely the most pervasive, long-standing pop icons in the U.S.– who knows about the rest of the world. I swear, I can’t get through a day without some Beatles reference floating my way. This despite the fact that they broke up in 1970 and poor John’s been dead since 1980. For instance, when I went into my local independent video store (you rent from one, *don’t you?*) on Monday, they were playing Hard Day’s Night on their gigantor TV. Today, when I went to the taqueria to grab my lunch, the girl behind the counter (looking all of 19) was wearing a Beatles T-shirt.

Some people, like K, hold a not-so-secret animosity towards the Fab Four. The reason this category of folks always give is that they didn’t deserve the popularity they had. I cannot comment on whether their fame was deserved or not, for I was brainwashed to like them from an early age. Released when I was three, I recall seeing the cover of Meet the Beatles in almost every home I visited during my formative years.Meet_the_Beatles.jpg. Frankly, I didn’t have a clue who those floating heads belonged to until years later, but they also appeared on my lunch box. Woe to me that I don’t still have *that* collector’s item.

One of my clearest recollections of being on top of the Empire State Building for the first time, in 1969, was that someone had dropped a 8″ x 10″ glossy of the Beatles over the edge of the building. It didn’t fall, though — the updrafts were too strong. The picture never falling really impressed me. I wondered for years — did it ever fall? If so, where?

However, despite all this, let it be said that I absolutely hate Magical Mystery Tour. (Just try reading the “plot” summary, har har.) I believe when I saw it, much to my detriment, I was the only member of the audience not on acid. This film (which sadly, I recall quite clearly) is unwatchable and somewhat pukey to the sober mind.

Love them or hate them, their fame does not wane. I’m sure if I end up in an old folks home they’ll be blasting the Beatles day and night on the P.A., everything from Love Me Do to Revolution #9. And, although I’ll have forgotten my own name, I’ll still know all the frickin’ words.

Well, it could be worse. So, without further ado, here’s one of my favorite childhood songs:


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