counter.JPGI wrote here before about the Alexander Technique, and my finally getting a handle on my slouching. All day long I say my Directions, which are phrases to help your body free itself from its tension, muscle cramping, and — yes! — crappy posture. Now, if you haven’t tried the Alexander Technique, it sounds like just so much crackpottery to claim be able to fix bad posture by reciting phrases. I’m a gigantic skeptic, and I still cannot deny that this actually works.

There’s a lot written about the mind-body connection. Google claims 516,000 entries on it, but you know how they exaggerate. When you think of it, the real topic is the mind-body disconnect, which we are all suffering from, more or less. Trying to reconnect your body and your mind is a huge undertaking, especially if you were an uncoordinated nerdy child discouraged from physical activity. (Yes, I’m talking about me). But still, to propose that one can correct one’s body with words sounds ridiculous. Despite my feeling foolish, I continue this practice for one reason: because it gets results.

One day, though, I got this annoying feeling that I was having to think about my posture and/or do something about it EVERY MINUTE. And then, I wanted to know: is it REALLY every minute? So, I got out a counter (oddly enough, we have one, and it’s actual real-live photo is above), and I clicked it every time I corrected my posture in and eight-hour day. I did this for two days. This is science, people!

Lo and behold, I only correct my posture every ten minutes. Phew. But… that’s still a helluva lot of correction. I spoke with my Alexander teacher today and asked, so, am I going to have to say this stuff all day long forever? ‘Cause that sounds hecka dull. And wouldn’t you know it, she said yes. Yes, because our lives are filled with too much stimuli, and stimuli makes us react in habitual ways. Ways like tensing our neck muscles and crouching and in general trying to return to the fetal position. So, constant correction is forever.

Well, sounds dreadfully dull, but dull is better than chronic pain.


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  1. K on March 30th, 2008 9:10 pm

    Funny that, I was just checkin’ dis out…

  2. Advice to My 40-Year-Old Self : the nerge on October 19th, 2010 2:12 pm

    […] For long periods sitting on your ass, you need to learn proper ergonomics and posture. Otherwise are going to have major neck and back issues. I strongly recommend Alexander Technique. […]

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