{A pitch black stage with two people, at either end of the stage, facing each other, under spotlights}

Me:  I am a penny that someone dropped, and no one picks is up off the sidewalk because it’s worthless.
I am a piece of yellowed newspaper, swirling in the air at the end of an alley.
I am these things because nothing about me is natural anymore, or valued.

You: How can you say these things when I love you?

Me: Do you think your love has the power to change my worthlessness into something noble?

You: I love you so much.

Me: Then you believe this? That your love can transmute me?

You: Yes, I do.

Me: Then why haven’t you done it yet?

You: What do you mean?

Me: I mean, do it already! Come find me. I fell through a sewer grating and am down there in the muck.

You: Which grating? There are thousands in this city! Where should I look?

Me: Good luck.

{lights out}

End of Play.


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