Whenever I see statistics about people, and particularly about women, I always seem to fall in some weird tiny populace. No wonder, then, that in this article, the amount of women who are like me are only 4%.

The guilty-all-the-time generation: How 96% of women feel ashamed at least once a day

I know that this statistic is true because all day long I hear women talking about how they feel bad about this, and feel bad about that, and think, “Oh god, are they still talking about their guilt? How could they feel that guilty so much about so little?” It seems so bizarre to me, yet somehow that is normal behavior. I think it’s also become cultural and habitual: if one women starts talking about their guilt, then others focus on that feeling as well. That’s according to my completely unscientific skewed observations.

Next we have women who choose not to breed. Surprisingly, this has jumped recently from a mere 6% in the U.S. to a whopping 20%! I hope I’ve influenced a few gals to think about the idea that there lives won’t be forever bereft and chock-full of remorse if they skip the baby thing. I think some folks are meant to be parents and some folks would be perfectly happy if they didn’t — and that all adults should spend some time in self-examination to figure out who they are. I know so many people who are parents because — and I’m quoting here — “Shit happens.” or “What are you going to do?” Anyway, it seems that my spending the last 15 years dreying on about this is not completely for naught, as more people are actually thinking about what it means to be a parent and making a personal choice. This benefits everyone, because less breeding = less overpopulation = less climate change, global starvation, etc.

Lastly, a recent study shows that 16% of people in the U.S. consider themselves unaffiliated with any religion (although the stat is <1% for congresspersons). Although I was raised with religion and even had a devout phase in my life, I no longer believe in any sort of god or associated religions or texts. Yup, that sounds unaffiliated. So what would a Venn diagram show if you put these stats together? I imagine that the amount of people who lives and experiences intersect with mine are pretty small. And while that may be true, it's important (as I wrote in this post, "What’s the meaning of life?“) to bear in mind that despite being a statistical anomaly, I actually have more things in common with others than things not in common. In fact, I probably have more in common with Tzipi the Jay than I do not. It’s important to keep in mind our commonality as sentient beings on this earth.

But it still shows that I am indeed some kind of a freak.

*btw, Tzipi still stops by on a regular basis


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